More Power

Need a way to squeeze a bit more power out of your vehicle?

Vehicle re-mapping service for additional performance, economy or mixture of the two. Performance gains of 20-25% easily available and 15-20% MPG increase.

Fast efficient and professional service, mobile mapping also available, all enquires welcome!

Better Economy

An MPG increase of around 15-20% is typical for most vehicles. A must for anyone doing a lot of miles! Ideal for taxis and couriers.

With the cost of fuel constantly increasing, many people are buying smaller engined diesel cars. Remapping your current car for economy will see a quicker return on investment.

Get a Quote

The cost for a remap is generally £180, no matter the type of map, but this can be lower for group bookings (3+ vehicles), and can also be slightly higher for certain vehicles due to having to remove the ECU.

For any enquires or further information, contact Adam on:

07539 838 853

Alternatively you can send an email

BMW E46 320D

On the way home from being tuned, my car went so fast it somersaulted numerous times.

VW Golf TDi

Had to remove my ‘low ’n’ slow sticker after getting it mapped.

Vauxhall Corsa

My Corsa has now been mapped to be rear wheel drive instead. Drifts a treat!

Mazda MX5

Its hard to remap a car that doesn’t have a map in the first place. I got an A-Z map of the UK and was on my way.

Neoplan Minibus

Now I can do 120mph with 30 passengers (140mph without passengers!) Superb!

Hummer 6.6

Now I get up to 15mpg, I couldn’t be happier with the results!